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FMN | Hacienda San Rafael Seville  - 51

Not to be too much of a bore here, but khaki trousers have become a bit of a staple for me when it comes to holiday suitcases. Lighter than jeans but less ‘I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY’ than palazzo pants (shudder), these are the kind of thing you can get on the plane at Heathrow in without looking conspicuous, and not melt when you land the other end either. Just as good with Supergra as with sandals, I, along with history teachers, yummy mummies and safari guides, am a big fan of the humble khaki pant. If you still think they’re too practical to ever consider, wear with an indigo denim jacket or black leather biker and I swear you’ll be convinced.

This is the kind of thing I fall back on time and time again when it comes to travelling, be it a plane, train or car between destinations or day trippin’ once there, so felt it was only right to share a bit of suitcase realness from Seville.

I also think they look kind of awesome with a deep tan, simple black string bikini and some kind of birkenstock. Or maybe I’ve just seen too many Claire Richardson editorials and believe I too could pull this off as well as Daria. No doubt I’ll be testing it out this summer once I’m back in the terracotta heat of the Mediterranean…

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Trousers | Topshop
Top | Asos
Sandals | ATP Atelier
Bag | Celine via Vestiaire Collective
Sunglasses | Fendi
Jewellery | Lucy Williams X Missoma

Ph. by James Wright