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Blue Jean Baby

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Seville-Jimmy-Choo-Monki-Topshop - 1

Short shorts and longer than long sleeves are one of my favourite duos, especially when it comes to tackling searing hot cities in the summer.

And Seville was the perfect place to debut the latest pair of short shorts in my life. Slightly more decent and city-appropriate than my battered and abused Levis cut-offs that sometimes threaten to expose just a bit too much, and in a darker, inkier wash that goes with everything, I’m really feeling this new denim staple this summer. And the blue hue must have got under my skin, digging out an old chambray Topshop shirt and a new pair of blue-tinted Jimmy Choo shades to go with. I love the retro, cat’s eye shape and pale lenses of these Cindy shades – makes a nice, summery change from my classic, black frames that I vowed at the start of the year to mix up a bit more.

And it wasn’t just the shades that were different. Something about Seville (let’s blame that Flamenco heritage) seemed to make me want to ditch the classics and wear tassels on my feet and stripes on my bag. They might still be monochrome (old dog and all that), but at least a few points deserved for a bit of extra something something in honour of sunny Seville. On a side note, this might not be the last black and white stripy bag you see on me… Got my eye on more than one of these guys this summer.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Seville-Jimmy-Choo-Monki-Topshop - 5 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Seville-Jimmy-Choo-Monki-Topshop - 4 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Seville-Jimmy-Choo-Monki-Topshop - 2 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Seville-Jimmy-Choo-Monki-Topshop - 7 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Seville-Jimmy-Choo-Monki-Topshop - 6 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Seville-Jimmy-Choo-Monki-Topshop - 3

Shorts | Monki
Shirt | Old Topshop (similar from Gap here)
Bag | Jimmy Choo
Espadrilles | Paul Andrew
Sunglasses | Jimmy Choo

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Ph. by James Wright