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Raw Denim


Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Charlie-May-Celine-Dallas  - 4

What is it about raw denim hems that we all love? Personally I think it has something to do with that ‘undoneness’ that makes everything feel that bit more unrehearsed and spontaneous. I for one hate looking box fresh and thus have a bit of a soft spot for anything that shares my affinity for things being a little worn and weathered. From vintage denim cut-offs to this boxy cropped cami by Charlie May, I’m a sucker for those strands of wayward unhemmed denim that have a mind of their own.

Likewise, after finally snapping up a second-hand Celine Trio from Vestiaire Collective, I immediately felt inclined to knot an old, moth-eaten bandana around it. As with a faithful canine friend, I like to think it gives just a little bit of extra character and ownership to my new, much-loved sidekick. And in case you were wondering, yes, I will most likely be that person that puts my dog in a bandana when I eventually get one of my own in London…. Sorry in advance pooch.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Charlie-May-Celine-Dallas  - 3Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Charlie-May-Celine-Dallas  - 1 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Charlie-May-Celine-Dallas  - 6 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Charlie-May-Celine-Dallas  - 7Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Charlie-May-Celine-Dallas  - 2

Top | Charlie May
Trousers | Hush
Sabdals | ATP Atelier
Bag | Celine via Vestiaire Collective
Bandana | Vintage. Similar here.
Sunglasses | Celine

Ph. Anne-Laure