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Piton Pirates

Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 11

Most of our holidays involve at least some portion of time looking out to the horizon from the sand and soaking up the sound of the waves from dry land. So it was super nice to take to the seas while in St.Lucia and get a whole new perspective of our temporary tropical home….

While at Anse Chastanet, we were treated to a sunset sail on the hotel’s private yacht and those three hours aboard proved the highlight of our entire 10 day trip. Our captain was almost part fish he knew the ocean so well; he could tell wind was on its way before it even arrived and even managed to sniff out some dolphins for us… I didn’t manage to get any pictures of them as we were in such  a hurry ourselves to see them but they came right up to the bow of the boat, diving and playing next to us. And you know you’re in good hands when your captain has sailed across the Atlantic….

The coastline is stunning (those pitons have a lot to do with that) and unlike other places I’ve been, we didn’t see another boat. No jet skis, no screaming kids on donuts, just us and that big, wide expanse of dark blue.

Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 12 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 17 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 16 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 13 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 19 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 21 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 22 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 23 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 24 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 18 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 25 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 26 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 31 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 30 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 34 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 32 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 28 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 27 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 35

We sailed along the coast, taking in those epic, looming Pitons while sipping on a tropical take on Cointreau Fizz, a new favourite that slips down way too easily. I discovered (read drank) this earlier this year on a trip to Paris with the brand and more recently, they very kindly supplied some celebratory drinks for my jewellery launch with Missoma too. This is what I like to call Caribbean Cointreau – Cointreau with pineapple & orange juice, grenadine, angostura bitters and soda water…

Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 40 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 46 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 36 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 37 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 38 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 47 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 45 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 08 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 06 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 04 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 07 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 09 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 02

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with seeing the infamous green flash at sunset after discovering this was an actual real thing and not just a Pirates of the Caribbean phenomenon. We stared at the horizon trying not to blink in case we missed it, but alas, this wasn’t to be our evening… Apparently it only happens if there is not one bit haze or moisture surrounding the sun or horizon as it sinks. One day….

Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 03 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 01 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 42 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 44 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 10 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 50 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 51 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 49 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 52 Lucy-Williams-St.Lucia-Anse-Chastanet-Sunset-Sail - 53

After sailing back in the twilight, we peeled ourselves off the boat in the dark and made our way back to flickering lights of Anse Chastanet for dinner. If you ever get to St.Lucia, make sure to get out on the water at least once…. Can’t recommend this enough.

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Jameie’s shirt | Club Monaco

Ph. James Wright and myself using a Leica M Series, Sony RX 100 and iPhone 6
Always drink responsibly :)