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Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 16

I’m in holiday mode just as soon as my feet hit the sand on holiday, and my wardrobe always instinctively follows suit.

When I’m somewhere properly hot, sticky and tropical like the Caribbean, I want to wear as little as possible from dawn to dusk, leaving anything that isn’t made from the lightest cotton or cheesecloth at the bottom of my suitcase. I inevitably end up living in those pieces that not only feel as light as air on hot, freshly-freckled skin, but can also be stuffed and re-stuffed into suitcases without creasing to the point of no return.

I teamed up with one of my longtime vacay favourites Free People for our recent trip to the Caribbean, taking a handful of beachy, suitcase staples to throw on, pull off and generally live in.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 17

After seeing this white tunic on Elsa Hosk in the Free People look book, I knew I had to have it. No long haul luggage is complete without at least one white beach kaftan-come-dress-come-tunic and this was one of the best. The kind of thing that makes you want to swirl, twirl and live out all those Blue Lagoon fantasies we harbour all winter long at our desks.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 26 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 19 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 23 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 24 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 25Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 20 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 28 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 31 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 29 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 27

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 08

I spied this top at the Free People press day back in February and remember oohing and ahhing over it with Julia for far longer than would normally be deemed acceptable. Needless to say, it stuck in my mind and was the first item I chose to take with me. White, embroidered, cropped and with bright blue, tasselled string straps, I figured it needed nothing more than my standard pair of vintage denim shorts to team with it.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 13 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 14 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 03 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 05 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 06 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 11Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 12

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 38

I find myself automatically reaching for the white version of things in shops, but being blonde and yellowy-skinned, black makes more of a statement on me if I take the time to think about it. I’ve definitely touched on this neckline before too (always a winner for me) and the flowy shape of this wrap skims over any round edges while having a mind of its own as soon as the wind picks up – always fun on a rolling, rock-lined beach.

Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 37 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 34 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 32 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 40 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 36 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 39 Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 33Lucy-Williams-Fashion-Me-Now-Free-People-Summer-Caribbean - 35

White sheer tunic | Free People
Leather and stone necklace | Free People
Embroidered strappy top | Free People
Denim shorts | Vintage (similar here)
Black sunglasses (with top and shorts) | Celine (similar here)
Gold charm necklaces | Lucy Williams X Missoma 
Black beach wrap | Coming soon to Free People (similar here)
Round sunglasses (with black wrap) | Free People
Crochet bikini bottoms | She Made Me
Gold anklet | Free People

Free People U.K are also offering you the chance to win your own £500 summer wardrobe now enter here before May 29th for a chance to fill your suitcase with FP wares. Comp only open to U.K readers this time.

James Wright using the Leica M-P. Special thanks to Leica store Mayfair.
Shot on on Bequia and St.Lucia