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Cold Shoulders

FMN | Almyra  - 59

 In terms of favourite necklines (because doesn’t everyone have one), this wins every time…

I think it has something to do with the fact that wearing a top cut across the shoulders like this is a bit or a rarity, resigned in the most part to summer holidays and tropical getaways. It feels kind of Game of Thrones in its inception, and yet in Tibi’s crisp white cotton it feels fresh, clean and almost masculine. I’ve been hankering to wear this for months – a recurring theme in my wardrobe as I stockpile summer stuff from December onwards – and love it tucked into jeans just as much as in shorts and skirts. Its slightly longer length means it almost does that so-bad-its-good poking out underneath skirts thing I love so much too. Probably the least articulate way to describe a styling technique but I hopefully your brain works in a similarly haphazard way to mine. Tied, knotted or loose, the sleeves are begging to be dragged in some kind of stain-inducing sauce but who cares when they feel this good on…

I feel like if you grew up on a diet of Dirty Dancing (remember Penny’s blouses) and Pretty Woman like me, this kind of post-Woodstock vibe will appeal, especially when it’s all pared-back, crisped-up and starched-white like this number.

FMN | Almyra  - 61FMN | Almyra  - 60FMN | Almyra  - 63

Top | Tibi
Jeans | Asos
Sandals | ATP Atelier
Bag | MeliMelo