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White Rooftops

FMN | Almyra  - 28

The combination of bright white and cobalt blue will immediately spell ‘holiday’ for me. Even though I haven’t been for a few years (hoping to rectify that soon), Greece has a very special place in my heart and high-contrast scenes like this always take me back to searing hot, feta-soaked days on one of the islands. Before we left for Cyprus, I spied these clean, light roof terraces on the Almyra’s website and immediately knew they’d be one of my favourite spots on the trip.

It was also the perfect opportunity to finally wear this dress from my new favourite summer label Faithfull, having been waiting patiently to make the transition from wardrobe to suitcase for months. Based in Bali, this brand know what’s what when it comes to laid-back holiday dressing, sitting somewhere towards the ‘boho’ end of the spectrum without totally losing sight of who you normally are at home. Think bandana prints, soft stripes and 70s-meets-90s shapes… The idea of a ‘maxi dress’ on holiday normally gives me the chills (a little too Gok Wan maybe), and yet somehow this defies all the usual concepts you might associate with a floor-skimmer while still being just that.

Now, time to pack for the next getaway…. Make sure to follow me on both instagram and snapchat (@lucywilliams02) for updates from our tomorrow’s 10-day trip.  Let’s just say we’ll be heading in the opposite direction to Cyprus….

FMN | Almyra  - 27 FMN | Almyra  - 30 FMN | Almyra  - 33

Dress | Faithfull
Hat | Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses | Celine