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Spring in Cyprus

FMN | Almyra  - 49

It’s around this time of year we all start craving some light relief. And by light I mean horizontal blue-sky gazing, page-turning and general Vitamin D inducing pursuits.

Sri Lanka feels like a distant dream and with that realisation it was time to scrub off the scales and seek out some sunshine. Jamie was tied up with work so I turned to Mattie, a best friend who loves a blue sky and a good book as much as I do, to be my partner in crime on this trip.  I had pulled stomach muscles from laughing so much by day two and we watched old episodes of Sex and the City in bed after dinner every night like a pair of geriatrics. Holidaying with girlfriends really is the best.

Anyway, about where we went… Having done Morocco several times at this time of year, we decided to go for something new and head to Cyprus. The sunniest pat of the Medditterenean, Cyprus promised long sunny days, cool evenings and 25 degree sun. Just what we needed. We stayed at The Almyra in Paphos, a big, bright white hotel with plenty of clean lines, marble floors, sea views and healthy juices on the menu to keep us in holiday mode from dawn til dusk. While the main hotel pool is pretty much kid soup, the elegant, long Spa pool is an adult-only retreat that is at once super spoiling and relaxed (with plenty of ripe avocado on the lunch menu).

If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend pumping for a Kyma Suite. They’re slightly separate from the main hotel building, have their own terraces and sun beds right in front of the sea and are one-story so no noisy neighbours.

We had grand plans to work out vigorously every morning in the hotel gym, eat only greek salad and go home lean, svelte and caramel coloured. We did day one in the gym but from then on we were digging into poached eggs and bacon at breakfast and rose petal mojitos as soon as the sun dipped behind the horizon. I finally finished David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks (LOVED it but only if you can handle his metaphysical vision), had an algae wrap in the spa and christened this summer’s swimwear purchases. All-in-all the ultimate Spring retreat.

FMN | Almyra  - 16 FMN | Almyra  - 54 FMN | Almyra  - 53 FMN | Almyra  - 47FMN | Almyra  - 12 FMN | Almyra  - 01 FMN | Almyra  - 08 FMN | Almyra  - 07

Our two favourite hangout spots; the Kyma Suites’ roof terraces and the Spa pool area. On that note, if you do have little people in tow, I gather the hotel has an amazing Kids Club. We chatted to several parents getting some solo downtime in at the Spa while their kids were kept busy elsewhere…. Having little nephews I know what a blessing that kind of thing can be on holiday for parents!

White bikini | Melissa Odabash via beach Cafe
Black swimsuit | Marysia Swim via Revolve
Denim shorts | Vintage Levis (similar here)
Sandals | ATP Atelier
Sunglasses | Celine

FMN | Almyra  - 64 FMN | Almyra  - 66 FMN | Almyra  - 51DSC04341FMN | Almyra  - 67 FMN | Almyra  - 57 FMN | Almyra  - 55 FMN | Almyra  - 39 FMN | Almyra  - 36 FMN | Almyra  - 09FMN | Almyra  - 48FMN | Almyra  - 05

Typical, easy breezy days picnicing by the pool.

Blue leopard dress | Cloe Cassandro
Denim dress | Forever 21

FMN | Almyra  - 11 FMN | Almyra  - 10 FMN | Almyra  - 40FMN | Almyra  - 53FMN | Almyra  - 34FMN | Almyra  - 03FMN | Almyra  - 04FMN | Almyra  - 06

Tunic | Tularosa
Sandals | Asos (similar here)
Bag | MeliMelo (quite low in stock so hurry hurry if you want one)

FMN | Almyra  - 38 FMN | Almyra  - 18 FMN | Almyra  - 19DSC04138FMN | Almyra  - 45 FMN | Almyra  - 42 FMN | Almyra  - 24 FMN | Almyra  - 25 FMN | Almyra  - 22 FMN | Almyra  - 23 FMN | Almyra  - 21

Ouzeri was our favourite restaurant of the hotel’s three watering holes. A little mezze resturant on the waterfront, it’s like something out of Mama Mia in a really, really good way. And the staff were the sweetest, running up to one of the other restaurants when we asked if they had the salted caramel ice cream we’d had the night before. We went twice in 4 days for the palest, iciest Rose and heaped plates of Greek fare.

I’m normally not a fan of multiple restaurants at hotels but given Paphos’s lack of nice places to eat (from what we saw but forgive me if I’m wrong), we were super happy to flit between Almyra‘s delicious offerings.

Denim jacket | Reformation
Top | Hush
Trousers | Hush
Sandals | ATP Atelier

FMN | Almyra  - 52 FMN | Almyra  - 13 FMN | Almyra  - 15FMN | Almyra  - 65

If you’re looking to fly-and-flop for some Spring rays, I would definitely recommend The Almyra. For me, Paphos itself wasn’t really a winner but the hotel was just what we wanted and it’s only 15 minutes from the airport so ideal for a short-ish trip. I haven’t had a holiday where I’ve just chilled at a hotel for 4 days for ages and really loved the sheer sloth-like indulgence and gentle routine of our days. I’ve got some more adventurous trips coming up but for now, this was just what the doctor ordered….

Top | Fifth Label
Jeans | Levis CT 501s

Ph. by Myself and Mattie