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Pretty Tough

FMN | Pretty Tough - 03

Teaming what is effectively a granny’s night shirt with what are effectively cargo pants might not be an obvious combination. But then nor is chicken kiev and gravy and I was partial to that growing up (feel free to judge).

But somehow these two balance each other out perfectly, with their respective tomboy and girly-girl vibes proving a bit of a ying/yang situation. As much as I wish I could use another word to describe it, this is nothing other than a blouse, and its frilly sleeves and crochet panels require washed vintage denim, black leather or deep, worn khaki to keep it in check. I feel like both these pieces speak to different parts of my sartorial psyche, and both parts need tempering in order to find the Goldilocks of happy mediums. Not too pretty, not too tough… And this time, on what just happened to the hottest day of the year (in April no less), I think I might have got it just right….

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Top | Isabel Marant Etoile
Trousers | J.Crew
Slides | Zara
Bag | Zara (similar here)
Sunglasses | Celine (similar here)
Necklace | Natalie Marie Jewellery 

Ph. by Frances Davison