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March Favourites

Yep, this is a little overdue… But better late than never is my enduring motto. So without further do, here’s what I’ve been using, loving and generally keeping close at hand this month.

1. Magazines

I’ve had a bit of a drought with buying magazines recently, opting for books, box-sets and blogs for a media fix over the last few months. However, after popping into my local, and seriously well-stocked newsagents, I came out with an armful of print magazines that I’ve been devouring in my downtime. Nothing new or ground-breaking, just old-favourites that I’ve fallen back in love with. Russh, Conde Nast Traveller, Muse and of course, the latest issue of So it Goes (number one of the bunch if you ask me), are all currently lining my coffee table.

FMN | March Favourites  - 1

2. Tanya’s Cafe

Finally got round to checking out this raw food place in Chelsea and was blown away by how good it was. Yes it’s on the pricey side, but if you’re into your green juices and raw cheesecakes, it’s definitely worth it. The location is a bit lacklustre in the back on the ME hotel, but the food is 100% worth going for. Popped in for the below recently (raw nachos, green juice and blueberry tart and cheesecake) but am keen to go back for a nice, summery dinner soon.

FMN | March Favourites  - 9

3. Summer Slides

The mercury’s been soaring, the flights are booked for some impending getaways and luckily I’ve already invested in some open-toe staples to see me through. The traditional Palmeira sandals (left) are the kind of thing I live in on holiday, so much so I’m deeming them this year’s Birkenstocks (although I will forever love and wear my Arizonas). The ATP Atelier sandals were more of an investment but I think they might be the chicest, most understated pair of slides I’ve owned and go with just about everything.

FMN | March Favourites  - 6

4. Diptyque Vetveryo

I’ve been wearing this ever since I called it in for a magazine shoot while working at InStyle many moons ago, and it always makes me know summer’s here. In the winter, I tend to switch to something slightly richer like Philosykos (also by Diptyque) but after recently draining a bottle of that, I knew it was time to come back to my old, yet still very fresh, favourite.

FMN | March Favourites  - 2

5. Marysia Scalloped Swimsuit

I’ve been obsessed with scalloped swimwear for as long as I can remember – I think it might stem back to a childhood obsession with The Little Mermaid – and Marysia does the best. I always like doing the first few days of a holiday in a swimsuit for some reason, less daunting maybe, and immediately fell in love with this one after seeing it on Revolve. The scalloped tan lines could be interesting, so probably best to mix it up with a standard bandeau to keep the wavy decolletage at bay…

FMN | March Favourites  - 8

6. The Coconut Collaborative

Once upon a time dairy-free ice cream would have meant soya gunk regulated by all kinds of stabilisers and corn starch, but now we have the most amazing brands to choose from. Our freezer is the size of a lunch box so I only have room for one tub at a time so I shot the one I had in stock at the time; The Coconut Collaborative’s Chocolate Snowcoconut. Don’t really need to say any more other than it is delicious and made of coconut milk if you hadn’t guessed… Honourable mentions go out to BoojaBooja and Oppo which although very much dairy-based, has very little refined sugar and superfoods like Spirulina and Lucuma packed into it.

FMN | March Favourites  - 3

7. MeliMelo Tallulah Bag

Those of you with a keen eye will recognise this bag from here, and in the spirit of ‘if it fits buy six’, I’ve gone and got another one. I love fringing but often find it a bit overwhelming, a bit fancy dress and a little, dare I say it, Coachella. Whereas MeliMelo’s Tallulah does it in an altogether more wearable, refined way.

FMN | March Favourites  - 7

8. Smythson Notecards

My handwriting is not my forte, in fact I normally have to apologise for it when I send any letters or cards. However, with six weddings coming up this summer, the need for nice stationery on which to RSVP and send thank you notes is a bit of a must. When I went to Bicester recently, I picked these up in Smythson notecards for about £12 (thought the little shells were kind of apt too) with the view that having them to hand would make writing and sending that bit harder to forget about. Apologies in advance to anyone who ever has the misfortune of reading one of said notes….

FMN | March Favourites  - 4

9. Zara Patchwork Denim Skirt

There’s a slew of poppered A-line skirts on the high street right now, and I for one am guilty of fuelling the fire, only recently buying several from Reformation and Urban Outiftters. It’s so saturated I’d almost forgotten what another skirt looks like… This patchwork one from Zara refreshed my memory while still giving that ceaseless 70s fix we all seem to want this summer.

FMN | March Favourites  - 5

Ph. by yours truly and Frances Davison