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Grow Up

FMN | Grow Up - 1

Sometimes you just need to get your act together…

‘Grow up‘ used to be one of the most derogatory put downs you could fire out at school, especially when teamed with a Mean Girls hair flick. And sometimes I still like to be reminded to do just that when it comes to my wardrobe…  As nice as it is rolling around in bedraggled sneakers and baggy jumpers, occasionally I feel the need to inject a bit of a maturity to my get-up and there’s no better way to do just that than with a long and lean blazer. It’s weirdly liberating feeling that bit more pulled together; you feel totally justified throwing your shoulders back, walking tall and power walking to the tube (rather than just running back from the corner shop in case anyone spies you).

I will concede I didn’t go the whole hog, keeping the tomboy in me happy with ripped Levis and flat(ish) boots. But as someone who feels surreptitious in a heel or anything that could be described as tailored when going about my normal day-to-day life, this works for me, as does the loose, billowy shape of the blazer, with only its boxy shoulders and double-breasted buttons working to convey a subtle yet sharp message.

What can I say, oxymorons work for me.

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Blazer | McQ by Alexander McQueen
Jeans | Levis 501 CTs
Top | Hush
Boots | Aldo (similar from Asos here and here)
Bag | Saint Laurent 
Sunglasses | Rayban
atch | Larsson & Jennings 

Ph. Frances Davison