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What Lies Beneath


I’m not much of a Valentines celebrator. After school years spent waiting for Valentine’s cards that rarely came and if they did they were usually from my mum, written with her left hand; and university years when we all insisted on dragging boyfriends to fancy restaurants just because we thought you should before inevitably ending up in a fight at a heart-themed house party, I’ve come to the conclusion Valentine’s is best spent low key in the confines of your own home (n.b guys, a card and a bunch of blooms is always much appreciated).

February 14th also happens to fall at the busiest time of the year for both me and my boyfriend meaning we’ve so far only had one V-Day together. We holed up with a pizza the size of our coffee table, a box set and bottle of proseco and felt truly smug. And no annoying couple gazing far too intensely at each other sitting next to us which was definitely a bonus…

However, I do like an excuse to shop and sceptic or no sceptic, it’s always a nice time to treat yourself to some new lingerie, irrespective of whether or not you’re coupled up or not. I don’t believe in men buying women underwear unless they’ve done some serious homework or shopped directly through your Pinterest board or Net-A-Porter wishlist. More times than not, it tends to end up being the wrong fit, size (uh oh), colour or just not really what you would choose. Underwear should be primarily for you, and secondly for him. If you wear cotton, non-wired bras day-t0-day, you are going to feel super uncomfortable and a bit silly in a strappy, black corset. Stay true to who you are but treat yourself to something special that you love seeing in your underwear drawer just as much as you love wearing.


Back to Black 

Classic, timeless and pretty much all I wear, black is always my find choice. I personally think it looks great under white t-shirts too.



Slips, Bodies and Teddies

When you want to leave a little more to the imagination….



Luxury Basics

Little elevated basics that will make you feel that bit better everyday.




Flirtatious and feminine, these would be right at home in a Marc Jacobs’ Daisy ad.