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The Slanket

FMN | The Slanket - 02

If you’re more of a night owl than a morning person, sometimes the only way to leave the house is to take the bed with you. Thus, I’m always a bit fan of any of those sleep-themed trends; silk PJs, slip dresses, dressing gown-style coats and now the shawl-meets-blanket big enough to swaddle yourself in.

The cosiness of this particular slanket gave me the courage to expose my thighs for the first time since Sri Lanka, and just in time for day 2 of London Fashion Week. I love looks like this; you feel kind of swanky (delete the s if you deem applicable) and and yet are effectively wearing a sofa throw with thermals underneath. Win win for the February fashion week season, when we’re all trying to pretend it’s Spring and yet don’t actually want to expose as much as an ankle till April. Those thigh-highs definitely make showing a little slither of skin easier too seeing as they’re just an acceptable form of chaps. And while they’re kind of a statement, because they’re flat and a warm shade of khaki, I never feel showy or uncomfortable on the tube in them (getting on the underground is always a mark of whether or not I feel happy in what I’m wearing).

Details-wise, I picked up some new bling from Thomas Sabo ahead of fashion week and haven’t taken any of it off since. Totally obsessed with the silver, textured bangle and those stacking rings; I love how they just slot in with the rest of my favourite metalwork too. It’s always a nice time of year to have a few new trinkets without doing a massive overhaul and staying true to yourself.

Now I’m in New York and battling the icy temperatures and a nasty, stubborn cold, its easy to forget Spring really is right around the corner and we’ll be soon swapping the thigh-highs for the thigh-lows and skipping around town in our nighties.

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Blanket | Club Monaco
Knit | Theory
Boots | Stuart Weitzman via Russell & Bromley
Skirt | H&M
Bag | Saint Laurent
Clutch | J.Crew
Sunglasses | Rayban
Silver bangle | Thomas Sabo
Rose gold ring | Thomas Sabo 
Wavy rose gold ring | Thomas Sabo 
Watch | Larsson & Jennings

Ph. Frances Davison
Created in Collaboration with Thomas Sabo.