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So I got my hair did and am super happy with being that bit blonder.

I’ve been feeling crappy about my hair for about a month now and have been in desperate need of a colour refresh. My hair is naturally quite dark and has warm undertones so it’s really hard to keep the tones fresh, cold and ashy. Colourists instinctively want to put ‘golden tones’ through my hair which inevitably turn brassy and make my yellow-toned skin look sallow and just a bit lifeless.

This time, I went back to the lovely Lara at Hari’s who I used to go to a few years ago and couldn’t remember why I stopped. Turns out there was no good reason at all and she totally got the result I wanted, injecting some much needed ash blonde tones to my hair. She used two different colours with foils from my roots (I had a whole head) and then she also painted on some very thin strips of bleach at the ends so I could get a bit more of a sunkissed look. My hair is very fine, dry and processed at the ends so Lara used a new type of treatment that mixes with the peroxide and allows it to bond to the hair strands rather than permeate them. It will definitely need some TLC to keep it in reasonable condition but I’m so happy with the colour. I hasten to add this is very much about the colour and not the bed head I’m sporting.

If you’re after a similar colour, here are the buzzwords you need to say to your colourist: Ash blonde, platinum highlights, vanilla tones, sunkissed, baby blonde, cold blonde…. It’s taken years to get these nailed but now I know what I need to say to get the results I want. Of course once you’ve found a colourist you know and love, you’ll just have to walk in, sit down and let them work their magic. The verdict is still out on silver/purple shampoos (most good colourists will say don’t use them as they interfere with the original colour), but I’ve just invested in some new products that I’ll share once I’ve given them a proper go.

Now I just need to get myself to Tailored by No.5 to trim off those candy floss ends….

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