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Clean Colour

FMN | Clean Colour

In an attempt to keep my colour light n’ bright, I’ve invested in some new products with which to fight the anti-brass battle.

As with lots of my beauty buys, I first heard about Christophe Robin wheatgerm shampoo via Into The Gloss with VS model Sigrid Agren citing it as a fave. We have very similar hair, from the colour to the texture and cut (which is where our similarities end sadly), so I thought it was worth a try. After spying the stuff in my (good)blonde friend Lauren’s shower the other day, I promptly went home and logged online for a late-night purchase session.

I went for the wheatgerm shampoo and deep-conditioning mask that promises to tackle both my coloured and fine hair woes in one. It’s very pure, nourishing, clarifying and full of vitamins and proteins; so far, so good. I love the simple, clean packaging too. I threw away a bin bag of dusty, almost-empty lotions and potions that were filling up my bathroom last weekend, and am determined to keep my shelves sparsely lined with hard-working, investment products like these going forward. Stage one in the spring cleaning overhaul at FMN headquarters is underway…

Shop Christophe Robin below.