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Slinky Sundays

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I’m a slob at heart. I love nothing more than winter weekends spent in slouchy basics lolling about in a bed or under a blanket surrounded by a whole load of books, box sets, juice bottles, cups of tea and all things edible. After about a day I feel totally claustrophobic and have to clear the debris and get out for some fresh air but before I go stir crazy, but for that day, life is good.

So anything that allows me to be a temporary slob without looking like one is good by me. Enter Rumi Neely‘s beautiful new line Are You Am I that’s basically a collection of those soft, feminine, slinky basics you can see in your mind but until now could never find. I feel like I’m doing this beautiful button-down camisole a massive disservice by debuting it inside, on my bed with mom jeans when it’s spirit home is most definitely the beach, but sadly London isn’t really in the market for near-backless silk numbers right now. It will most definitely be coming with me on my next trip to warmer climes but until then, it’s consigned to the radiator-warmth of my bedroom. Any excuse to keep those summer-perfect pieces rolling all year round right….

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Camisole | Are You Am I
Cardigan | Antipodium (on sale now)
Jeans | Topshop
Necklace | Natalie Marie Jewellery 
Reading | David Nichols’ The Bone Clocks 

Ph. James Wright using the Fujifilm X100