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Pre Fall 2015 | That Seventies Show


When asked what decade in history I’d most like to go back to and visit, I always pick the seventies. Not the Ancient Greeks, roaring twenties or lavish 17th century, but the 1970s, a mere 40 years ago. Women had freedom and increasing power thanks to the efforts of the suffragettes, the female war heroes of the 20th century and the newfound sexuality of the swinging sixties, life was modern but simpler, lots of Europe’s turquoise coves were still untapped by holidaymakers and most of all, the fashion was banging. Even when it was bad, it was so bad it was good. Layered silhouettes, warm earthy hues and tactile, homespun textures made everything look and feel like one, long Chloe advert. Without the seventies we wouldn’t have flares, birkenstocks, crochet, denim shorts or fringed suede so I personally feel like I owe them a lot.

So I’m always excited to see modern reinterpretations of seventies’ threads on the menu for today’s seasons. And two of my favourites have pulled it out of the bag for Pre-Fall 2015. I’ve already mentioned Chloe so it’s fitting they’re one of the two. The other is The Row, a brand that never fails to make me want to throw away my entire wardrobe and only wear floor length cream cashmere and khaki silk for the rest of my days.

The best bits of the seventies’ sartorial offerings are making a comeback this season and there’s not a tie-dye t-shirt in sight. Can you feel the love?

The_Row_022_1366 The_Row_024_1366 The_Row_025_1366 The_Row_012_1366 The_Row_011_1366 The_Row_008_1366The_Row_004_1366The_Row_002_1366The_Row_001_1366

The Row Pre-Fall 2015


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Chloe Pre-Fall 2015


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