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Paradise Found

FMN | Paradise Found - 14

So you may or may not have noticed that the beach is one of my ultimate happy places.

It can be a cold, windswept beach in England at winter or a deserted piece of sand that Robinson Crusoe would feel at home on (not going to lie, preferably the latter). The sound of the waves, the horizon in the distance and the feeling of being very, very small in the grand scheme of the world seems to put everything into perspective and soothe those worries or stresses you can’t seem to quieten.

The beach at Amanwella might just be one of the nicest I’ve found on my travels to date. Bright blue water, sand like powdered chalk, endless palm trees and yet it still feels kind of wild and rugged. The waves are powerful and thunderous, the warm water takes you by surprise as it surges up to the dry sand, and the kind of rocks that make you want to re-enact The Little Mermaid litter the shoreline.

After months of shooting in the grey, flat light of London, the pinkish glow of a Sri Lankan sunset breathed new life into both mine and Jamie’s enthusiasm for getting in front and behind the lens respectively. Our walks along the beach at the end of the day, post-sun but pre-shower, were one of my favourite parts of our days at Amanwella, and the perfect time to throw on breezy, dishevelled separates in the vein of Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. This castaway appropriate shirt is from Brydie Mack‘s collection for The Collaborator (you probably all know Brydie, she’s the clever and talented Aussie photographer behind the blog Wolfcub Chronicles) and I’m obsessed.

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Shirt | Brydie Mack X The Collaborator
Shorts | Old Zara (similar from Asos here)
Watch | Larsson & Jennings
Necklace | Lumo

Ph. James Wright | Leica MP