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Kahanda Kanda Kick Back

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 13

Our last two days in Sri Lanka were spent at a little oasis in the paddy fields overlooking Lake Koggala called Kahanda Kanda. With just 8 suites and 3 adorable live-in pets, KK was the perfect spot to kick back, unwind and savour our new favourite country before the long journey home. After the frenetic pace and sticky heat of Galle, we loved the tranquil vibe of Kahanda even if it did make leaving even harder. And the turquoise seas of Thalpe and Wijaya are still only 20 minutes away in a tuktuk….  Our room (and seemingly every inch of the hotel) backed onto a big expanse of green, wild jungle teaming with birds and parrots, while piles of board games, books and delicious food on tap made for a bittersweet end to the best two weeks I can remember.

The weather took a bit of a turn for the worse on our last few days and continued to go downhill after we left apparently, so if the skies aren’t quite as blue as you might be used to seeing in these Sri Lankan posts that’s why! We swam and sunbathed in the scorching morning sun, played chess over cobb salads when the rain clouds started to edge closer and spent time with friends also in Sri Lanka in the evenings. On our final day, there were zero rays to be seen (typical hey) so we decided to stretch our legs and made a last pilgrimage to Yatagala temple and almost smuggled a stray kitten home with us while at it…

We left for the airport in the thick of night with hearts almost as heavy as our suitcases, spent the last of our rupees on mint green Buddha statues in the airport like the true tourists we are and boarded the plan looking over our shoulders like we were in a bad music video… After every trip we make, we always vow to go back ‘one day’ and explore more but we’ve never meant it more than with Sri Lanka. The cultural triangle, Yala national park and the rugged East coast all need to be ticked off on our return so I hope it’s not too long till we’re touching down in Colombo once again. I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these admittedly lengthy posts from what was an incredible trip… here’s to the next adventure.

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 06 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 05 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 02FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 22

Spot the paw prints in the cement….

Dress | Rough Rugs

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 17 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 20 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 25

Vest | T by Alexander Wang
Shorts | Zara (similar here)
Slides | Isabel Marant
Bag | from Amanwella
Sunglasses | Kite GB

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 16 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 24 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 09 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 23

Orange walls are a bit of a staple at KK….

Bikini | Topshop
Shirt | Club Monaco

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 11 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 30 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 33FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 20 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 08FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 74FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 72FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 78

Dress | Zara (similar here)
Bikini bottoms | Varley
Shirt | H&M (similar here)
Shorts | Vintage (similar here)
Sandals | Asos (really similar ones from Isabel Marant here)

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 28 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 29

Beach Jumpsuit | Asceno by Beautiful Bottoms

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 55FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 35FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 10

Shirt | H&M ( similar here)
Shorts | Vintage (similar here)
Sandals | Asos (really similar from Isabel Marant here)

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 53 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 52 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 48 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 45 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 41 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 58 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 43 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 60 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 42FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 62 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 61 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 44 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 46FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 59 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 51 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 50 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 37

Baggy cotton trousers, cropped top and the comfiest shoes ever to grace my feet were ideal for strolling round Yatalgala temple and bonding with the sweetest kitten ever… This little guy literaslly ran after us crying when we had to leave in a TukTuk and I think my heart broke a little. In another life, I’m going back to Sri Lanka and setting up an orphanage for the countries hundreds of stray and hungry cats and dogs….

We came back to Kahanda in the afternoon for a final pot of Sri Lankan tea, cake and more animal bonding.

Trousers | Mango
Top | Topshop
Sandals | Birkenstock

FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 54 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 64 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 65 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 68 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 66 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 67 FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 70FMN | Kahanda Khanda - 71

Ph. by myself and James Wright using a Leica MP, Sony RX100 and Lomo LC-A.
A huge thanks must go to Kahanda Khanda and for hosting us in Sri Lanka.