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January Favourites

I thought I’d start a little Favourites series where I can quickly share all the things I’ve been loving and relying on each month. I figured it would give me the chance to share beauty stuff, box sets, food finds and of course, recent wardrobe additions, without having to do a dedicated post to each one.

So here’s #1 of this new series… Let me know what you’ve been keeping close at hand this month.

1. Cat Bird Tarot Deck Candle

Musky, spicy and kind of exotic, this candle-in-a-jar is based on incense, Turkish rose and, weirdly enough, pencil shavings. Remember that woody smell of your pencil case as a kid? Turns out it’s still just as good, especially when combined with exotic Eastern spices.

FMN | January Favourites - 03

2. The Walking Dead

Totally fallen down the rabbit hole with this show. I never had myself down as a zombie apocalypse kind of person but we’ve devoured near to 4 seasons in just over a month (I promise I have a life away from my TV). Incredibly gruesome and forever tense, I defy anyone not to get hooked on this. Watch our for Walkers…

FMN | January Favourites - 01

3. Mermaid Hair Shampoo and Original Mineral Detangler 

I admit the packaging sucked me in, but the smell and results of Mermaid Hair shampoo are pretty dreamy too. And the OM Know Knott spray makes my towel-dried mane manageable and the closest to silky my hair has been for years.

FMN | January Favourites - 02

4. Comfort First 

My working from home uniform is as far from corporate as you can get, and with the central heating not quite cutting through January’s chill I’ve been relying on cosy basics. The combination of Uniqlo Heat Tech Thermals and classic sheepskin Ugg boots might not make it onto any street style blogs anytime soon, but they sure as hell make cold days and nights a million times nicer. The Uggs are often the only thing that get me out of the house on a freezing cold day and are the first thing I slip my feet into in the morning. The Heat Tech pieces are amazing to layer up with when skiing too so make sure you stock up now if you’re heading to the mountains anytime this seaosn.

FMN | January Favourites - 09

5. Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma, Aesop Fabulous Facial Oil and Aromatherapy Associates Breathe Essence

This little trio are the ultimate winter elixirs. The Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma supercharges my day cream with an extra dose of Hyaluronic Acid, while the Aesop Facial Oil gives you that much coveted glow come morning. The Breathe Essence in the perfect thing to rely on when your nose is blocked, your head feels like it’s been filled with cement or you’re just a bit down and stressed. Know that feeling on a long flight when your throat starts to tickle and it feels like you’ve swallowed a swimming pool? This stuff cuts right through it and makes you feel human again.

FMN | January Favourites - 04

6. Acne Lambswool Scarf

A pre-Christmas treat from me to me, I have been swaddling myself in this on a daily basis. Goes with absolutely everything and the warmest blanket-meets-scarf I’ve yet to find.

FMN | January Favourites - 05

7. Roots & Bulbs Juicing For Life and Eve Lom Light Illusion Concealer

I love a good homemade juice or smoothie, but have been lacking inspiration of late so the new recipe book from London cold press juice bar Roots & Bulbs has been getting me back in the game. I only have a Nutri Bullet right not but this is making me want a proper juicer too… And the Eve Lom concealer is combatting the dark circles, shiny eyelids and red nose since the Sri Lankan tan has faded.

FMN | January Favourites - 06

8. Marble Obsession and S.W Basics Vegan Lip Balms

The marble obsession and collection is ever-growing. An Etsy phone case and set of melamine plates (ideal for desk lunches that feel like picnics) from are fuelling the addiction even further so don’t be surprised if my whole home becomes marbleized before too long. This little tin of vegan lip balms from Brooklyn-based S.W Basics I got my Urban Outfitters recently is a firm fixture on my desk too. The cinnamon one is my favourite evidently as its the one I’ve been carting around with me and now can’t find for the picture…

FMN | January Favourites - 07

9. Ila Inner Peace Bath Salts

You might remember these from my Christmas Gift Guide and I can confirm they are the dream. Bubble bath and fizz bombs are for amateurs; this stuff is the real deal. They smell amazing, look beautiful on a shelf, leave your skin super soft and your mind serene.

FMN | January Favourites - 08

10. Chloe Susanna Boots

There are some things that stick in your head and you won’t be happy until you’ve tracked them down and got them safely in your wardrobe. Case in point, the Chloe Susannas, an obsession I’ve had since Sienna donned them in her Boho days. Back then, in the pocket money student days, they were but a distant dream, but thanks to Vestiaire Collective I managed to find a second hand pair in blue suede in my size. Together at last….

FMN | January Favourites - 10