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Guys, I need your help…

You might have seen on my instagram recently that I’m in the market for a new investment bag. Something I will love forever and get a little bit of a buzz from every time I sling it over my shoulder. But which one? I’m chronically indecisive when it comes to serious purchases (not something to take lightly as far as I’m concerned) so I thought it might help to talk out this superficial dilemma on my very own sounding board…

The frontrunners are currently the Celine Trio in black, the classic all-rounder that I’ve loved and coveted for years but isn’t totally setting my world on fire. Then there’s the Saint Laurent mini Lulu bag, a slightly impractical show-stopper without being showy that I seem to be pinning everyday right now. The mini version suits me a little better than the regular I think as you can wear it across your body which makes the whole thing more relaxed and you can’t put a price on being handsfree. The Row has thrown in a bit of a curveball with its sleek, minimal cross-body bag too, but perhaps its a teeny bit drab considering the price tag…

So peeps, help a girl out. Which one are you feeling?

Clockwise from Top Left:

Chloe Drew bag
Celine Trio Bag
Balenciaga Small Papier A6 Bag
The Row Leather Shoulder Bag
Saint Laurent Lulu Bag
Saint Laurent Sac du Jour Nano