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FMN | Shagpile - 06

 I’ve always had a magpie-like thing for lurex, and I get even more of a glint in my eye for the stuff come December. Because who doesn’t want to look like tinsel at Christmas?

I also have a bit of vendetta against tights, mainly because I ladder them within 5 minutes of putting them on, which inevitably means I end up spending from November to March buried under layers of leather and denim. But when it comes to glad rags, its sometimes worth braving the cold and doing bare legs to really get the most out of that party dress. While it would take someone braver than I to don this for any kind of night that involved being outside for longer than 5 minutes at a time, it’s definitely doable for a friend’s house party or hosting supper at mine. Flat(ish) boots make the whole think less dressy, scary and generally short while a Yeti-like coat detracts from the whole lotta leg on show and adds a bit of an Almost Famous vibe.

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Dress | Topshop
Coat | Topshop
Belt | Topshop
Shoes | Kate Maconie
Bag | Rag & Bone

Huge thanks to Topshop for working with me on this post and to Studio Ashby for the dream location to shoot in. 

Ph. by Frances Davison