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Net-A-Porter Sale Picks

Fashion Me Now | Tailored Staple - 14

Because let’s be honest, it’s always a good idea to factor in yourself when it comes to Christmas shopping. Just in case Father Christmas didn’t quite get the memo….

As much as I want to, I find it hard to enjoy sale season. It’s always a scrum, my elbows are never quite sharp enough and I normally get distracted by the new season stock I can’t quite afford. The exception to the rule is the Net-A-Porter sale. Amazing discounts on those brands that you might not otherwise be able to justify and when it comes to designer, I’m not one of those people that only wants straight-off-the-runway stuff. I like pieces to last and I’ll often obsess over stuff I just missed out on from a couple of season ago rather than what’s just about to drop.

So, in light of all of this, I wanted to pull together some of my favourite pieces going into the Net-A-Porter sale that starts today. Isabel Marant’s wool skirt, Haider Ackerman knits and wear forever biker boots from Gianvito Rossi are my personal favourites. The sale started today so get to it if you want anything… I’m imagining it won’t hang around for long! Oh and as a side note, the prices listed on the widgets below are before discount not after!

50% OFF



40% OFF


30% OFF