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Long Haul Luggage

Later today I’ll making my way to Heathrow for two weeks in tropical Sri Lanka.

Rather than showing what I’m taking with me (no doubt the contents of my suitcase will be making numerous appearances on my instagram while I’m there), I thought I’d show you my hand luggage for tonight’s 10 hour flight. A bit of forward planning can save you from disembarking looking and feeling like the undead and I think I’ve just about got it covered.

These are the things I find make flying long haul that much easier. I’m referring to flying economy I might add – I’ve yet to try it, but business class must be the equivalent of travelling by rainbow to your chosen destination.

Fashion Me Now | Long Haul Luggage  - 1

Liberty Tote |  The dream hand hand luggage bag – never full and sturdy enough for a laptop.
Hush Cashmere Scarf | I get so cold on flights (what gives with that aggressive air con) so an enormous scarf to swaddle myself in is a must. 
Simple Face wipes | Because makeup is a no-no on a long flight unless you want to break out the next day.
Bikini | I lost my luggage a few years ago when we went to India and had nothing but the clothes I was wearing for the first 3 days. Now I always fly with a bikini and a change of underwear (nothing too black and lacy in case you get searched I should add). This is from the new Varley collection.
Gallons of Water | To save from turning into tracing paper.
Book | I binge read on holidays and it’s always good to have something to dip into if you struggle to sleep on the flight.
Louis Vuitton Wallet | Big enough for paper travel documents.
Spry Cinnamon Chewing Gum | Addicted to this stuff.
Cashmere sweater and socks | Same reason as the scarf. The more layers the better. (Sweater is Pringle, socks are Hush)
Yolke Silk Eye Mask | I find it impossible to sleep on a plane without one.
Ear plugs | See above!
Hair bands | My hair is straight up in a top knot once once we takeoff.
Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream and Ointment| My hands are lizard like at the best of times so these are a must for combatting the drying air con. And this has antibac which is always nice when sharing a bathroom with 100 people for 10 hours.
Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Balm | Smear onto to pressure points to try and get some Zzzs.
Headphones & iphone charger | Because sadly, I am a tech junkie. And the over-ear headphones you get on flights really hurt my elf-like ears.
Macbook Pro | I wish I didn’t have to take this with me but the reality is I need to be able to upload photos, reply to urgent emails…and watch the odd download on rainy days.
Battery pack | If a flight’s delayed I use so much memory just refreshing and scrolling to combat the boredom so this helps keep up the monotony.
Thalgo Hydra Marine 24hr Gel Cream | I slather my face in this stuff to save from arriving looking dry and sallow when I get there.
Eve Lom Eye Cream | Some extra TLC for my eyes and the inevitable dark circles.
Fig & Yarrow Complexion Water | A refreshing and hydrating spritz that’s great just before touch down.
Snacks | A couple of slightly healthier options than the packs of Pringles on offer. Probably eaten before I get on the plane.
Spare Clothes | Back to the lesson learnt with the lost luggage. I normally take some comfy stuff to wear on the plane (these LNA jogging bottoms are up there as my favourite thing to wear), a dress/tunic thing for the beach and a clean t-shirt so I’m not totally caught short if the worst were to happen.

A couple of things I missed off… Sunglasses (Rayban wayfarers always) and a toothbrush for the morning breath.

In case you were wondering, there’ll still be the usual amount of posts going up on the blog over the next few weeks (I wouldn’t swan off an leave poor FMN alone) and you can follow my travels via my instagram (@lucywilliams02) while I’m away.

Any in flight essentials I’m missing?!