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After racing around Monday to Friday, weekends can all too often end up being spent horizontal in front of yet another box set or frequenting the same old pubs and brunch spots. Anything to save from trekking to the tube…

As nice as it is to hibernate and stay close to home from time to time, you can often wake up on Monday morning wondering what you did with your two days of freedom, slightly wishing you’d made the effort to go to that exhibition or wander round that market. So in an attempt to save from falling down this trap this winter, I’ve been making a concerted effort to get up and go at weekends, be it exploring different bits of London, going to that restaurant that’s been on my mental list for months or just organising something a little bit different with friends.

Last weekend, we set an alarm, bought takeaway coffees and took our bleary eyes to Hackney’s Broadway Market for the day. Despite the drizzle, we had the best kind of Saturday, mainly down to plenty of gluttony, sloth and greed. That’s what weekends are all about after all…

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 31 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 01DSCF8464 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 25 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 24Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 52Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 22

I have a succulent obsession. Always find it so hard to pick them though. One is never enough…

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 28 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 30 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 35Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 27 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 26Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 21Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 19Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 15Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 16Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 17Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 18Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 13

Ogling pies, cheese, sausage and chocolate…. Mmmmmm.

There was no time for snacking though, as it was time for a two-course brunch at Stories right on Broadway Market itself.

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 02 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 05

Pretending we’re being healthy with technicolour juices…. Spinach, pineapple and parsley for Jamie, beetroot, carrot and orange for me.

My rings are by Effra London and Natalie Marie Jewellery)

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 04

When in fact we were just after crispy bacon, brioche buns and fried eggs.

And the solution to not being able to decide between a sweet or savoury brunch? Have both. Pancakes for pudding at breakfast is always a good call… Especially when they’re as fluffy and banana-y as these.

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 08

We were having a booze-free day but I was kind of tempted by the ‘spiked’ smoothies on offer if you were in the market for something a bit stronger….

We polished the whole lot off and pretty much rolled out of Stories and back out into the market…

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 09

We found the brand spanking new issue of So It Goes in pride of place at Artwords. Needless to say Jamie was pretty happy…. We went in for a closer look and to get a fix of that ‘new book’ smell.

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 11 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 10

Loved this beautiful book about remote islands. If you’re listening Father Christmas.

We decided to head back towards Columbia Road and stumbled upon Hackney City Farm on route…

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 37 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 36Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 45 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 42Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 43

We had a pet donkey called Lucy (weirdly) when I was little so I have a bit of a soft spot for these long-eared friends….

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 47 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 46

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 51 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 49

Don’t know whether I was more weirded out or intrigued by this guy’s alternative sleeping position. Makes my neck hurt just looking at him…

Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 55 Fashion Me Now | Weekending - 39

We finished the day off with a quick tea in Shoreditch before getting back on the tube and making an early evening showing of Interstellar. Ignore the haters and go and see this space epic. It kind of blew that mind… That may well be because I find ideas of relativity and space travel pretty mind bending (physics was not my forte), but I really, really enjoyed it. Can’t say it better than that… Not everyone’s cup of tea sure, and no doubt the cynics, sceptics and scientists will be a bit down on it, but I left asking loads of questions, wanting to google lots of things and wondering about those big questions in life, which is always a great way to leave the cinema. Just make sure you see it on the biggest and best screen you can find….

Here’s to more proactive weekends spent wandering rather than wallowing….

Coat | Pyrus
Jeans | Old Zara (similar here and here)
Jumper | Topshop
Boots | Jimmy Choo
Bag | Old Zara (similar here)

Ph. by James Wright and yours truly.