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2015 Travel Bucketlist


I’ll be ticking off one of my ultimate need-to-go destinations in three weeks time (Sri Lanka here we come), so it seems ridiculous I’m already thinking about other places I can’t wait to visit. But the fact of the matter is, I always am….

Travel is near to the top of my happiness list and I’d far rather spend money on flights than that new pair of boots… (most of the time). So with lots of daydream fodder and a virtual piggy bank dedicated to saving for trips, I thought I’d highlight some of the destinations currently topping my bucket list for next year. Don’t hold me to these though, I’ll no doubt be adding more to this list every week from here on out… Damn you Pinterest.  I hasten to add this a wish list in the truest sense; if I got round to visiting just one these places next year I’d be a happy bunny.



I have a bit of a love affair with Greece and having not been in several years, I think it’s time I rekindled the fire on this particular romance. With its crystal waters, fresh seafood, white-washed tables and chairs perched perilously close to the sea at waterside tavernas and fuschia bougainvailla tumbling down blue window panes, the island of Paxos (a short ferry ride from Corfu) is currently topping my list.



I love the idea of renting a big beach house with a group of friends and spending our days lounging in hammocks, watching kite surfers and drinking mojitos at dusk from Tarifa’s beach bars. The white-washed street of Tarifa town itself seem to be lined with great restaurants and bars that all seem to have a laidback, bohemian vibe. There are some amazing places to stay here or on Airbnb that I’m already envisioning wandering round barefoot for a week.



I’m not sure why but this Spanish city keeps cropping up in my mind. I love the idea of getting a taste of old, historical Spain with its Moorish architecture, colourful tiles and trees groaning with oranges. Topping my list of places to stay is the beautiful, riad-esque Corral Del Rey.



It’s the colours of this region of India that really get me. From the vibrant blue city of Jodphur to the Amber Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan is as colourful as London is grey. I already have my guide book from the Love India series by Fiona Caulfield so I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time till I can see it all for real. It’s sometimes all too tempting to head straight for the beach when you’re a Brit (we don’t get too many of those sand-between-your-toes days), but I keep reminding myself how much there is out there far and away from the coast. And Rajasthan is case in point….

I love the idea of tiger spotting (how amazing would that be) at Sher Bagh and getting truly spoilt at any number of these places too. 



I’m a sucker for sand dunes, white washed clapboard houses and lobster rolls, so its no wonder the idea of Montauk aeriously appeals. A long weekend spent paddle boarding, cycling to the lighthouse and browsing the shops while staying at The Surf Lodge would do me nicely.

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North and South Carolina

A sad but true fact. Ever since I found out Dawson’s Creek was filmed in North Carolina rather than Massachussetts where it was set, I’ve been hankering to explore the beachside towns of this Southern state. I’ve tagged South Carolina into this too as Charleston is up there as one of America’s cities I’m most keen to visit. And for the dreamiest of dreamy, I couldn’t imagine staying anywhere lovelier than Zero George Street. And then maybe we could pop along to Savannah, New Orleans…  The list goes on.

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I’ve never been to the Carribean but when it comes to kicking back on white sand, I don’t think you could get much better than the tiny island of Bequia. Being tiny and a short internal flight from St Vincent, it seems to have held onto some of that Carribbean charm that the likes of Barbados seem to be rapidly loosing (wouldn’t say no of course). Sugar Reef just got a write up in Conde Nast Traveller and looks pretty damn special. I mean, those shell-encrusted walls and furniture are right up my street….

4556a38a7fd3a8b41cfc4ed2489b391c 05505f3f338b2cd10e47ffca85aadb68 Bequia Youth Sailors regatta at Young Island

Lisbon and Lisbon Coast

 I’d start with a couple of days in Lisbon staying at the Baixa House apartments, taking in the tiled churches, custard tarts, buzzing street life, yellow trams and visit Cascais for the day. From here, I’d retreat to Areias de Seixo on the Lisbon coast for some cosy R&R. This design hotel has totally got under my skin and I imagine Autumn or Spring would be really special here… Cool enough to wander Lisbon’s streets, warm enough to sit out by the pool but with a chill in the air at night so you can wrap up warm next to the by outdoor fire pits and in-room fireplaces after dinner.

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Watching hot air balloons over this rocky, otherworldly piece of Turkey would be more than a little amazing. I love all the beautiful hotels carved into the rock and the incredible sights to see like the Goreme Open Air Museum and Underground city. Again, I think it would be great to go when it’s still cool enough to have a warm fire in your room and feel totally guilt-free about having a long, hot bath after getting up at sunrise to see the iconic balloons. Argos in Cappadocia would be top of my list of places to stay.

Capadocia Suites far picture Sunrise in Cappadocia, Turkey, with balloons and typical fairy chimney

I’d love to hear if anyone has been to any of these places or can recommend anywhere else for the bucket list!

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