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Layer Upon Layer

anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear01No idealistic vision of Autumn is complete without a few layers. And the more natural, neutral and generally rustic the better…. Mottled grey Fairisle jumpers, ribbed hiking socks and slouchy, robe-like woolen cardigans summon thoughts of crisp mornings, cold noses and wood-burning fires. And because the reality of winter is far from dreamy, beautiful editorials that sell the seasonal dream are vital to our sartorial well-being, momentarily helping us forget what it’s really like to live through 6 months of rain, sleet, dark commutes and translucent skin. Because let’s be honest, come January we’re all just wondering if we could pull off a Balaclava….

So thank you Lachlan Bailey, Anja Rubik and Geraldine Saglio for making us actively look forward to the impending cold snap with this beautiful editorial for French Vogue. Note the extra long sleeves, baggy thermals and slouchy, oversized shapes of everything. And if you still want to rock a Swedish Hasbeen or Birkenstock, just put a chunky sock in it. Geraldine says it’s ok so therefore it is.

I’ve already done a post on my favourite investment knits for the season, but have been finding some amazing affordable pieces for sweater weather on ASOS recently. Most of these are already on my wanted board on Pinterest and I’ve pulled together some favourites at the bottom of this post.

anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear02 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear03 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear04 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear05 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear08 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear07Anja-Rubik-Lachlan-Bailey4 Anja-Rubik-Lachlan-Bailey7

Follow Anja’s lead with some of the best affordable knitted pieces below….