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Lady and The Tramp

Being a scruff by nature, I am eternally in awe of those women who always look pulled together and precise; women who can wear white and not spill on it, women who have pedicures all year round, women who never spill makeup in their handbag or snag their sweaters.

It goes without saying I am not one of these women. I will always have creases in my clothes, kinks in my hair and scuffs on my shoes. But it’s nice to pretend once in a while, and with the help of a boxy biker jacket and gold hoops, a ladylike lower half feels really accessible and exactly the kind of thing I want to wear right now.

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Skirt | By Malene Birger
Shoes | Whistles
Jacket | Topshop
Earrings | Asos
Clutch | Bottega Veneta
Sunglasses | The Row
Sweater | Topshop
Mascara | Laura Mercier
Leg Oil | This Works