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Fashion Me Now | Games Kit - 04

For me, the cashmere tracksuit has come to embody the meaning of modern luxury. It’s entirely a want, never a need, rarely sees the light of day outside the house and is normally quoted as a must-have by the frequent flying interviewees in CN Traveller, who absolutely, positively never go anywhere without a set of travel-sized Diptyque candles and a silk yoga mat.

But turn that tracksuit into a skirt suit and suddenly you’ve got something twice as wearable and altogether nostalgic. The idea of a cashmere skirt wasn’t something I really registered before, but as soon as I spied this grey duo by Scandi favourite Ganni, I pictured this exact look in my head and had to have it. Super soft and slouchy, the ‘flippiness’ (I’m coining that one) of the skirt feels frivolous and girlish compared to what I normally wear  but in no way twee, and just kind of made me want to move a bit more than I normally do. No bad thing for a home-working sofa sloth…

Never much of a netball girl myself (couldn’t get my head round that whole “Pivot!” thing), but I can’t help but feel like I’m back at school and ready for P.E in this get-up (the box fresh Stans might have something to do with that). But don’t let that put you off; this is a sporty twinset for grown-ups of the non-sporty denomination and as such, might be my favourite transitional look to date.

IMG_5858IMG_5748 copy IMG_5921IMG_5838 Fashion Me Now | Games Kit - 10

Jumper | Ganni
Skirt | Ganni
Trainers | Adidas Stan Smith
Coat | Vintage from Vestiaire Collective (similar here)

Ph. by Frances Davison