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Fringe Benefits

Fashion Me Now | Fringe Benefits  - 02

I was tempted to call this post ‘The Clanket’ in honour of this coat-blanket hybrid but then I remembered I kind of hate those fashion-combo words, so I went for the obvious cliched option I’m sure I’ve probably titled something fringey with before!

Anyway, back to the clanket. Ever since Burberry sent those monogrammed blanket coats down the AW 14 runway, it was a given we were all going to be wanting something suitably rug-like come October, and this H&M find is my admission to this season’s biggest coat trend. And I can’t help but feel much older and wiser in a belted coat too. Why is that? I’m thinking Diane Keaton in Baby Boom (one of my favourite 80s movies FYI) might have something to do with it….

You may be wondering why I seem to be striding with purpose in all these photos. Well the simple answer is, this coat and it’s fringey tassels is at it’s best on the go. Shameless.

On a side note, I’ll be doing a coat edit soon so keep your eyes peeled for that in the next few weeks….

Fashion Me Now | Fringe Benefits  - 09 Fashion Me Now | Fringe Benefits  - 10 Fashion Me Now | Fringe Benefits  - 15

Coat | H&M (similar black version here)
Jumper | Asos
Jeans | Cheap Monday
Shoes | Senso
Bag | Rebecca Minkoff

Ph. by Frances Davison