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All Flared Up

MiH - 07

Day-to-day I’m a skinny jeans girl, namely down to the ease of what works with them and the lack of thought needed when pulling them on in the morning. But when I find a good pair of flares, I really love the change. Plus, they’re one of the most flattering things you can put on your body and suit just about everyone. Yep, everyone.

I’m not talking bootleg here. I’m talking proper, shoe-covering, Starsky and Hutch flares. My main issue with flares is what to wear on my feet with them. This time I went for simple, pointed court shoes and I kind of liked how the pointed toe elongated the flare even further. If you’re slightly lacking in the height department like me, this is basically akin to wearing stilts under your jeans and adds 5 inches instantly. Hurray! And if you’re tall? Well your legs will just look sky high (damn you).

Excluding the 3ft wide Miss Sixty jeans I lived in as a teenager, I’ve owned two pairs of proper flares in my adult life and both have been by MiH. These are from their new Bodycon collection and as the name suggests, fit like a dream. I normally loathe the word ‘bodycon’, but when it comes to well-fitting jeans, that’s exactly what you want.

MiH have very kindly set aside an extra pair of these guys to give to one of you lovely readers. If you’re keen for your own personal leg extension, you can enter the competition here.  The giveaway will run for one month from today so get your entry in by 31st October. Good luck!

MiH - 08 MiH - 14IMG_5056 MiH - 11

Jeans | MiH
Shirt | MiHEarrings | Theodora Warre
Jacket | Belstaff
Necklace | Natalie Marie Jewellery
Shoes | Topshop
Watch | Larsson & Jennings

Ph. by Frances Davison