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Petersham Nurseries


I’ve been meaning to get to Petersham Nurseries for years and finally made the pilgrimage yesterday morning, and in doing so found one of my new favourite places in London. It’s obviously first and foremost a garden centre for want of a better description, with rows and rows of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees in the nurseries outside, but it’s also renowned for its cafe, restaurant and beautiful shop.

My tiny one-bedroom flat is already fit to bursting, but I’ll never tire of window-shopping for beautiful things to fill my ‘one day’ house. If you caught the recent feature on me and my pad in the current issue of ASOS magazine, you might have got a bit of idea of my style  when it comes to interiors (my Pinterest board will give you a clue too). I’d call it a little bit French, a little bit Californian, with a few Indian and Moroccan knick knacks thrown in, and Petersham Nurseries is basically just that. Peeling tolix chairs, antique mirrors and no end of mottled white ceramics, all laid out under creeping vines and hanging chandeliers,  its seriously photogenic (hence the volume of iPhone shots). If you’re like me and in the market for smaller, more portable purchases, candles, glasses, mugs and cards satisfied my urge to take a piece of this interiors heaven home with me.

I didn’t have time for lunch this time sadly, but next time I won’t be going without stopping in at the cafe. The plates of tomatoes and burrata I walked past looked insane…

IMG_4821 IMG_4819 IMG_4811 IMG_4809 IMG_4802 IMG_4800 IMG_4780 IMG_4776 IMG_4774

Ph. by yours truly. All photos taken on iPhone 5S.