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Natural Brilliance


I’ve never been much of a diamond person and have always had a bit of a policy of avoiding anything you might deem ‘bling’ like the plague. But now I’m older, and wiser I might add, I can safely say I go starry-eyed with the rest of them when faced with an icy bright stone, and finally understand the age-old words of Shirley Bassey; Diamonds really are forever.

And as far as BFFs go, DeBeers are up there at the top.

DeBeers’s new Aria collection is all about light-reflecting forever pieces that hone in on that hypnotic power of a diamond that makes us all go gaga. Shot by Mary McCartney and starring Andrea Diaconu, natural beauty and the natural brilliance of a diamond are at the core of the latest campaign.

To celebrate the new campaign, DeBeers asked me to create and curate a series of images that summed up the idea of Natural Brilliance. So here’s my take on the theme using some of my favourite pieces from the Aria collection.

All of the portraits were taken by Jamie and I’m sure you’ll agree he totally and utterly nailed it.

DSCF3181976471b0fb90feaa048acb32a152bba6DSCF3139DeBeers Natural Brilliance  - 07DSCF3286DeBeers Natural Brilliance  - 11DSCF3095Aérial-Exhibition-by-Baptiste-DebombourgDSCF3262DeBeers Natural Brilliance  - 05DSCF31613b57c9d72fbd0bd8c639815463eebf77DSCF3033covering-sun-with-handsDSCF3183DeBeers Natural Brilliance  - 18DSCF3266DeBeers Natural Brilliance  - 03L1009787 b04816234ae1d581cc571a56ea4935b1 L1009722SurfacingDSCF3315DeBeers Natural Brilliance  - 14DSCF3173DeBeers Natural Brilliance  - 04

Wearing diamond ring and diamond bangles from DeBeers Aria collection.

Jeans | Levi’s Vintage
Necklace and other rings | Natalie Marie Jewellery
Bra | Topshop James Wright

This post was created in collaboration with DeBeers. All words, opinions and styling my own.