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Heeling Powers


Unrequited love is never pretty and always painful.

After falling hard for these Stella flatforms, I finally took the plunge and invested in them a week before London fashion week kicked off. A bruised bone in my foot a few days before and there went any chance to break ’em in before taking to Somerset House’s cobbles. Still, I was undeterred and after holding a bag of peas to my foot for two days, I strode out in them for a day of shows and appointments.

Disaster struck around lunch time when, after a long walk, the shoes made it clear they didn’t love me back and promptly ate my foot. I mean, quite literally, my whole heel was gnawed away at and no amount of compeed plasters could compete. I think I got through two packs by the end of the day… I wish I was kidding.

Still, like anyone in the grips of infatuation, I’m not giving up on this relationship. We’ve bonded since and got along a lot better. The heels have healed and so have the painful memories so here’s hoping this relationship won’t be so one-sided for much longer.

IMG_3409 IMG_3414 IMG_3444 IMG_347510708356_10204717132953884_1133188190_n

Jumper | Zara
Skirt | All Saints
Shoes | Stella McCartney
Bag | Baukjen
Jacket | Belstaff (similar here and here)

Ph. by Frances Davison & Jessie Bush