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Notes on Fall


Is it me, or does it feel like summer is winding down already? The festivals are dwindling, we’ve waved goodbye to the heatwave and the bikinis have been moved to the back of the shops. Even with one last getaway just around the corner, I can’t help but a detect a new season firmly on its way….

Pinpointing some new details or pieces always helps ease the pain of transitioning from summer to autumn. Silver linings and all that…  So in a similar vein to my recent denim guide, I’ve highlighted some seasonal updates I’ll be delving into come September and beyond.

1. Attack of the Big Hats

tumblr_na9b5gvB7F1rm9ml0o1_1280 tumblr_muc8r9vOBz1qzleu4o1_500 3fd3f627bc7dca08ec58dec4cf09fec2

Thanks to Tibi’s amazing flat, wide-brimmed hats (bottom pic) for A/W 14, I’m coveting these oversized boaters in a big way. Great in straw but I’ll be going for a black felt version to see me through till Spring.

Shop the new season Tibi collection here.

2. Black Polo Necks are Always a Good Idea

tumblr_n1ax2xzPXi1qgezyvo1_1280 Raquel-Amanda-Saskia-Mariacarla-Daria-Lara-Meghan-Suvi-Anna-Mica-And-Kate-By-Mert-And-Marcus-For-W-September-2014-51c98c91737ebab2e649dae1bc571470f

I love a black turtle neck. Always have, always will. And it’s even better when it’s still just about warm enough to keep your legs out in a leather mini or pair of denim cut offs…. If in doubt, check out W Mag’s insane September Issue editorial (bottom image). Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and featuring Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy, Lara Stone and Raquel Zimmerman to name a few, its pretty much the stuff dreams are made of.

(Shop my favourite black polo necks at the bottom of this post)

 3. Grey for Days

8938c296144eae258553e0c73fd0bd46 natasha-poly-by-daniel-jackson-for-harpers-bazaar-us-september-2014daria-werbowy-for-mango-fall-winter-2014-campaign-5 maja-wyh-greydc12bcfa8abd0cd758090a420b946537 bca9b4d0d5249e09bd71e3ae2a35bb7c-1

Layering up different shades of grey is the way forward this fall. It’s softer than black but feels suitably subtle as the days start to shorten…. Texture is also key. I’ll be looking for softer-than-soft knitwear, fuzzy coats and mottled jersey pieces.

Head down to the bottom of the post for some current favourite grey buys.

4. Tie Your Coat Round Your Waist

tumblr_n9u92hXMJA1qi59yho1_500 tumblr_n1oc0cBePi1qhahoyo1_1280a068d9e6c77e31ee3a34fc92335dacfb 22c4a67654b992bb10836bcf05f80c79

On, off, on, off… When the weather can’t decided what it wants to do, practicality inevitably rules (although I hasten to add I’m definitely not encouraging a cagoule). However in some cases, it’s the most practical solutions that end up looking the best. Knot your trench, crombie or biker jacket round your waist for a look that says effortless but is in fact ready for anything.

5. Transeasonal Knitwear

tumblr_na4ne2a22X1qi59yho1_1280 bf913bcc1694f8a5d7f1fb0a58a8830f 9bb4730df7455a8e264e8aac5965c8ca Stockholm-Street-Style-London-Jumper-e1316513062395

Working sweaters into your wardrobe before the first tree’s turned brown can prove tricky. Smug as you leave the house on a chilly morning only to become a sweaty mess on the tube and end up feeling a bit like an overdressed idiot when it’s suddenly boiling come lunchtime. Open sides, zips, sleeveless styles and teaming the chunkiest jumper with shortest shorts are all ideal ways to fight the fickleness of Indian Summers.

6. Unbutton One Too Many

tumblr_na4ngeEe9S1qi59yho1_1280 Maria-Gregersen-By-Henrik-Bülow-For-Eurowoman-September-2014-3

You’re back in jeans and boots with a jacket constantly on hand, but aren’t ready to totally lose sight of summer just yet. Undoing one too many buttons on a simple white shirt is one of my favourite ways to show off the last remains of sun-kissed skin. Even better with layers of gold chains and a few last remaining freckles….

7. The Long, Grey Cardigan

tumblr_n7qblhU3CL1qb2ahqo1_1280 tumblr_n9qfo5cq191qi59yho1_1280535f1985887abe796a5698e352138001

This is number one on my Autumn shopping list. Just as good in August as October, this guy will see you through from summer evening barbeques to Sundays spent hibernating from the snow.

I just bought this one from Topshop and have my beady eye on this one too.

8.  The Statement Earring

tumblr_n9sc8hFBz31ry87mwo1_1280 287076-800w

The earring is deliberately and literally a single entity on this occasion, as this season’s key accessory comes alone. The statement, shoulder-grazing earring is how everyone will be adding detail to otherwise warm and wintery looks. Ghesquiere and his inimitable debut collection for Louis Vuitton are behind this one hit wonder but there are affordable ways into the trend too… Just keep it graphic, streamlined and ditch one of the pair.

Below are some of my current favourite Fall updates on my internal wishlist….

Images via Pinterest, Mija, TheyAllHateUs, Studded Hearts.