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topshop summer - 13

God I hate the word blouse. It can’t help but conjure up other words like mothballs and brassieres (shiver). But summer ain’t summer without one. Preferably a sheer, white, Victoriana blouse that’s a little bit prudish and needs a good dose of leg to loosen it up a bit. As does any blouse to be honest (skintight, black leather pants will do the trick in winter too).

This is just the kind of get-up I live in come summer. In fact I think I posted a similar ode to lacy blouses this time last year… Well, at least I’m consistent right. Be it a barbeque in London, browsing markets in the summer in France or cruising down the West Coast, these three pieces are never far from my reach. A breezy, embroidered blouse, light-wash denim shorts and black ankle boots make for an easy, versatile mix that’s near to failsafe for me.

Topshop really comes into its own in the summer I think. You might think you’re too old/demure/stuck in your ways (delete as applicable) to try that fringed jacket, sequinned mini dress or embellished bustier most of the year, but come summer we all want a piece of the action and Topshop is always on hand with the goods. Seeing as I’m one of those self-confessed stuck in their ways people (no bad thing in my books), I couldn’t help but immediately reach for updates on aforementioned essentials to make a favourite combo feel brand new again.

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This post was created in collaboration with Topshop. All words and opinions my own.
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