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Daisy Chains

FMN | Daisy Chains - 01

After years of wearing dresses that should have been tops over black, wooly Primark tights at university, my wardrobe has been fairly devoid of dresses ever since. This might have something to do with the fact that despite Alexa’s best efforts, I’ve become a bit of a hater of opaque tights and have the constitution of a cold-blooded lizard, a combination that makes dresses in England are a bit of a no-no 9 months of the year.

Recently though, my love affair with frocks has returned, now making up about two thirds of my ever-bulging holiday suitcase. The 90s have always been a massive influence on the kind of dresses I go for and this summer’s favourite is no exception. I swear a childhood of watching Heartbreak High and Party of Five has affected me, sartorially speaking, for life… You might have seen this little ASOS floral number in my Summer Holiday Packing Guide and I couldn’t help but follow my own advice and buy one for the French vacay I’m currently in the middle of. I blame the back, or lack of. Always a sucker for a flash of back….

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Dress | ASOS
Basket | Bought in Spain (similar here and here)
Sandals | Ancient Greek
Necklaces | Lumo and ASOS