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Well Oiled


The pro’s have been singing the praises of skin oils for years now, but loads of girls I chat to are still quite scared at the prospect of putting oil on their face. It makes sense seeing as it’s the exact thing we spent our teens trying to eradicate with vats of Clean ‘n’ Clear and tea tree oil.

The thing is, the more you strip, scrub and cleanse, the more your skin will produce oil to protect itself so it becomes a vicious circle that ends in blackheads, clogged pores and sensitized skin. The way out of the rut is oil… It’s moisturising, calming, incredibly nourishing, anti-ageing and quite literally feeds your skin. All you need is about 5 drops from a pipette; if your skin still feels oily 10 minutes after putting it on, you’ve used too much. I’m a certified oil addict and have built up a collection I swear by. I use one every night without fail and sometimes like to put one of the lighter ones on in the morning in the winter or on holiday before I put SPF on.

Here’s a little word on my top five, from left to right.

Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Face Oil | This smells like a spa and isn’t overwhelming rich. Go for a paler, lighter oil if new to them – they’ll ease you in gently. Great for sensitised skin and reducing redness with it’s evening primrose oil and camomile.

Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment | Unsurprisingly, this is one of my all-time favourites. I say unsurpirsingly because Aesop is always up there as one of the best. Lots of goodness through the likes of orange flower, sweet almond and carrot root.

Perricone MD Chia Serum | Don’t let ‘serum’ fool you; this is a delicious, marzipan-smelling oil based on the portein-rich Chia seed.

Oskia Restoration Oil | Great for an oil first-timer/phobe, this is super-delicate while style delivering the goods. Contains wonder-ingredient and anti-inflammatory Tumeric and Sea Fennel and Lupin Seed that encourage collagen production (the stuff you need to keep your skin firm and plump).

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil | The 100% natural, plant-based ingredients of this mean the smell is pretty unique (might take a little getting used to) but it’s the most nourishing, richest one I have. Amazing for reducing the likes of sun damage, scarring and fine lines. Plus it contains 100% Vitamin E from sunflower seeds, which we all know is gold dust for skin.