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Topshop Summer Seekers | Pleats Please

Fashion Me Now Topshop Pleats - 05

Let me preface this post by saying I’m not one for crop tops. We all have that one (or five) bits of us we will forever berate (remember Charlotte and her thighs?) and my stomach is, ironically, my achilles heel. Thus, the only time you’ll normally see my middle is at the beach or a festival, when a few large ciders inevitably puts body angsts on the backseat.

But when I came to styling up pleats for my second installment for Topshop, this little long sleeved top was strangely the only thing that made sense. I’ve been eyeing up this season’s mid-length pleats for a while, but until now was slightly deterred by memories of school skirts and more recently, the pastel, sheer pleats that infected the summer of 2010. However, add a sportswear-inspired waistband, a slither of midriff (and I mean slither) and a pair of pool slides, and the sartorial equivalent of a girlie girl is anything but twee. The whole look is pretty ambiguous, one minute reminding me of the ballet silhouettes I loved as a little girl, the next feeling strong, bold and summoning that embarrassingly great pavement-as-runway feeling. The latter is a bit of a necessity to be honest; you just have to feign complete confidence when you take the plunge into croptopdom.

And besides, the occasional twirl in something decidedly twirly is tempting even for a certified tomboy…

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Ph. by James Wright using a Leica M Series