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Practise What You Preach


Told you I like nude for summer…. (no empty threats here people). And this little Wool & the Gang top is my go-to as far as beige is concerned this summer.

It arrived on Saturday just in time for the long, sunny days of Midsummer weekend and has already achieved ‘favourite summer top’ status in the hierarchy of my wardrobe. It’s skimpy but robust, perfect for English summer days when, no matter how hot, you always feel a bit stupid in anything too tropical. I always find this neckline seriously flattering too…. Not to get too Trinny and Susannah on you, but it basically hones in on the narrowest part of you and loves those of us who fall in the A-C grades. The sideboob situation is pretty serious but it’s nothing I can’t get fully on board from time to time when the sun’s shining. Throw on over a bikini for zero chance of any Lindsay Lohanisms.

Like all Wool & the Gang’s collection, you can buy this off the rack or purchase a kit (for half the price) to knit it yourself if you’re more talented and pro-active than I. Who’d have thought knitting could produce something as awesome and beach-ready as this.

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Uma Top | Wool & the Gang
Denim cut-offs | Vintage Levis
Sandals | Birkenstocks
Watch | Larsson & Jennings
Gold Hoops | ASOS
Necklace | Lumo

Ph. by James Wright using a Leica M Series
Sponsored by the clever people at Wool & the Gang