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Life on Wheels

This isn’t the first time my penny board has featured in posts, but I promise it ain’t just a prop. I’ve been trying (but primarily failing) out life on wheels ever since I was given it a few weeks ago. Why you may ask. Beats walking for one thing, and Spring is always an apt time to metaphorically dust off winter’s cobwebs by trying new things and generally reminding yourself you’re not boring, cynical and old just yet. Not all the time anyway. Plus, laughing at yourself being truly rubbish at something is always good for the soul.

Jeans, MiH Phoebe jeans| Trainers, Adidas Originals gazelles | Top, LNA | Coat, Bash Paris via Vestiaire Collective | Sunglasses, Rayban | Necklaces, Lumo

Ph. by James Wright using a Leica M Series