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Perricone MD Icons

I’m a big advocate for investing in skincare products and (annoyingly) always encourage people to take the plunge where possible. With makeup, I have a few core products like Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser and By Terry concealer, but am happy to pick up extra bits from Topshop and Boots. But I always think you get what you pay for with skincare, and higher-quality-products actually work out more economical as you only need a few drops, whereas cheaper products are often bulked out with synthetics and require more to make a difference. I have some products that last almost a year as a little several times a week is enough to do the good they’re intended to. 
Case in point, these Perricone MD products I’ve just discovered. I’m new to the brand but am aware it has gained cult-like status with many, and I can see why. I mean, these products are game-changers… A gel cleanser that feels creamy and doesn’t leave your face feeling parched, tight or sensitised, a serum that smells like marzipan and delivers all the goodness of chia seeds to your skin, and finally a moisturiser that is basically great skin in a pot. The apothecary-style packaging looks great on the bathroom shelf too – a superficial plus I’m sure any fellow Aesop fans can get on board with.
Perricone MD Deep Moisture Therapy, Chia Serum and Gentle Cleanser.