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A new season is always inspiring so I thought it was an apt time for a post-equinox inspo post. Plus, I’ve been bombarding you with photos from Venice so I thought this would be something of a palette-cleanser…
Every time I walk out of the door at 6 p.m and it’s still (kind of) light, I get a little bit happier and can quite literally feel myself thawing…. My shopping mojo always comes back with avengence in the spring too. After months of layers, red noses and wool-based accessories, I can’t wait to embrace my favourite things; blue denim, white t-shirts, cut-off shorts, silk camisoles, bare shoulders and only a few freckles by way of accessory. 
It’s good to have you back Spring.
images via Pinterest, Wolfcub, Studded Hearts, They All Hate Us, Tumblr