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Weekend Update

New recipes, work lunches and faithful knitwear were all key components of this busier than busy weekend. Even more of you have been asking for recipes on here from my Instagram and I promise to get stuck in soon – these are just a few teasers right now but there are plans in motion to get some properly to you soon…. 
I ate | Homemade raw chocolate mousse (above) topped with crunchie bar and fruit was the first thing I tried out on Friday evening. Adapted from a Deliciously Ella recipe (I use cocoa powder rather than cacao powder for sweetness – its good enough already in my eyes), it’s delicious, easy and I defy even the sweetest of teeth to turn their nose up at this guilt-free pudding. 2 bananas, 1 avocado, 6 medjool dates, 2 teaspoons of almond butter, 2 teaspoons of cocoa/cacao powder and a little water blended together (I use my Nutribullet) and that’s it… You can add a little agave for sweetness or various milled seeds for some protein. Personally I’m not massively into protein in my pudding but whatever floats your boat.
I went | For a much need cut and colour with the talented Donald at Neville hair and beauty in Chelsea.  I had a good 3 inches chopped off which I know is the best thing for my hair but will take a little getting used to…. Donald, dubbed the ‘king of blonde’ in the beauty world, put some lighter, fresher tones through my hair which has been feeling a bit warm and brassy in colour of late. Now all I need is some UV rays to whiten-up the ends…. 


  The end result

I watched | Heard lots about Prisoners of late so we gave it a whirl. It had the makings of being a really great film, but ended up just a good film because of all the misleading plot twists that never tied up. If anyone can clear up the snakes in boxes with children’s clothes I’d be very grateful…!
I also started Game of Thrones (late on this one I know) and am hooked already. Waving goodbye to my social life as we speak…
I went | I was treated to a delicious lunch at the home of Mandy Watkins, founder of Hush homewear. If you’re already familiar with Hush, you probably know it for super comfortable loungewear and pyjamas, but their ready-to-wear collection is ever-expanding and more wearable than ever. And as an Australian, Mandy is a walking lesson in light layers and easy transeasonal dressing (even in February). Think ruched jersey skirts, linen t-shirts and open stitch sweaters….

I wore | Poloneck after poloneck to fight yet another cold snap, namely the Blake LDN Redfern sweater (below) that’s been saving me from frost nip for months. It’s on sale now so get there before it goes. You’ll thank me I promise.
I bought | Nada. But I was given these beautiful hand-beaded Peyote bowls by Jamie. He picked them up from one of my favourite L.A stores Mohawk General Store whilst there last week. I’m one of those boring people who automatically goes for grey and white round the house so these are a bright departure for me and proving the perfect home for discarded trinkets and chains.
Don’t forget to keep checking my blog store – I’m adding new pieces all the time right now as I try to keep my very small wardrobe in check. 
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All photos from my instagram @lucywilliams02