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Weekend Update

As with most weekends, this one started on a high with some belated birthday celebrations revolving around pizza and rum, and became progressively more relaxed (read lazy) towards Sunday, testing out new recipes and getting hooked on Netflix in bed… (Erin Brockovitch if you were wondering).
I went | Friday’s festivities began at one of my local favourites Pizza East Portobello followed by too many rum sours at The Rum Kitchen. 
I drank | See above! Although I made up for my sins with plenty of green juice as pictured… That particular one is spinach, avocado and apple with mint, fresh ginger and a good squeeze of lime. 
I ate | Said juices are becoming a bit of a daily staple now I have my trusty NutriBullet. Ignore the cheesy-as-hell name, it’s basically a poor man’s Vitamix and can whizz up everything and anything – I did the above blackberry sauce for buckwheat pancakes in there. It’s super easy to clean and fuss-free, a must for a washing-up phobe like me, and I’m basically looking for excuses to use it at every opportunity – spicy kale pesto is proving one of my favourite things to chuck in there right now. I’ve had lots of people requesting I post recipes for some of the food I put up on Instagram so I thought I’d dip my toe in the water with the aforementioned pesto tomorrow. Recipe might be a bit too kind but hey, I said dip my toe…. 
I bought | The perfect little vintage-inspired top from H&M (the £9.99 price tag did it) those of you who follow me on Insta will already have seen me rave about, and a ‘Cut Grass’ scented candle from The White Company. Winter blues be gone.
I wore | My new Frame Denim personalized black skinny jeans. Such a great fit and they have tiny little initials stitched into the pocket. It’s the little things innit.
Added new pieces to my blog store this weekend with Sandro, Urban Outfitters and Zara all in there. Follow my Facebook page for first dibs and post updates…. 
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