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Love You Like XO

Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year that dictates it must be more romantic than any other day, and by proxy is the least romantic of all 365 days. That’s the thing about Romance, it can’t always be scheduled. If you’ve ever tried eating out on V Day you’ll know what I mean; every table of two is competing with the other in terms of who can talk more, laugh more and gaze-into-eachothers-eyes-adoringly more, thus everyone leaves feeling a little inadequate and thinking it was much nicer when you spontaneously went out for dinner that time on a wednesday a few weeks ago….
Regardless, after a dry, depressed January, Valentine’s Day signals a much needed day of frivolity to indulge, be it in flowers, chocolates or any other deserved cliches you choose. My motto is don’t wait for someone else to treat you (although I won’t deny it’s great when they do) – show the love and spoil yourself. Just getting through those dark depths of Vitamin D-starved January is enough to warrant February treats… 

Stay in, order in, watch your favourite box set entwined and take cues from the below; just enough of the heart-shaped to honour the 14th but all will last well beyond those red roses.

Cotton pyjamas, Yolke | White top, Vanessa Bruno | Gold necklace, Maya Brenner | Moon necklace, ASOS | Clutch, Sophie Hulme | Bra, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur | Body oil, Santal | Face Oil, Rodin | Camisole, By Malene Birger | Fragrance, Diptyque | Rose gold bracelet, Astley Clarke