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Layers of Chains

I’ve always loved layers of very fine, gold chains and feel a bit naked if I don’t have at least one on. I’m also continually in a process of wearing them too often in the shower until they go greyish and tin-coloured, and subsequently have to replace them with fresh new ones. I’m waiting until I get the chance to go to New York and invest in some Cat Bird trinkets – constantly falling for every, single one of their instagram posts – but until then, I’m a fan of cheap-and-cheerful chains so it isn’t too painful when they inevitably break/fall down the plug hole. I had one instant at a festival last summer where a girl next to me in a crowd managed to hook her waving finger around my tiny necklace and snap it off. Flukey yes, but it was definitely a silver lining that it was only from Argos (yes Argos. Trust me, they do good gold chains).

These three are the current favourites in rotation, although the gold moon from ASOS is the real winner in my eyes.

Evil eye, Urban Outfitters | Moon, ASOS | Spike, Orelia

ph. via my instagram (@lucywilliams02)