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New Year Resolutions. They’re pretty much made to be broken for anyone who’s as weak willed as me. But still, it’s always good to start the year with good intentions. From the frivolous to the somewhat more pious, I thought I’d put mine on here in an attempt to make them stick. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit, so here goes…. 
1. Read more. Less TV in bed and Instagram browsing on the tube, more page turning needs to happen.
2. Do Yoga at least twice a week. I love yoga, I feel great after it, so why am I so bad at keeping at it consistently? 2014 needs to be the year it becomes something I fit other stuff around rather than just slotting in. 
3. Remember this more…. 
4. And this….. 
5. Wear dresses more often. Dresses often make me feel like a 5 year old and are normally solely reserved for the beach. But I love the idea of them and seeing them on other people and recently I’ve started to forget why I don’t wear them more often…. If there’s one person who gives a good lesson in the adaptability of dresses, its Alexandra Spencer. I’m using this babe as my starting point for rediscovering the dress.
6. Travel more. O.K, lots of you might be thinking I already travel quite a lot. And while yes, I’m very lucky being able to go to the places I’ve been over the last few years, there’s no harm in trying to do even more of what you love most. Just a few of the places I’m keen to tick off the bucket list over the next few years are New York, Sri Lanka, Scandinavia, Paxos, Pondicherry, Venice, Provence, Burma, the Amalfi coast, Brazil, Palm Springs and both L.A and Tulum (again). This little eco place in Portugal looks pretty lovely too….. Better get saving.
7. Cook more. I already cook quite a lot so i guess this is more about trying new things and experimenting rather than sticking to the tried and tested. 
8. And bake more.
9. Go to bed earlier. I’ve always gone to bed pretty late and often don’t end up turning the light out till 1 A.M all week. When you have to get up at 7 its not all that sustainable, so I’m going to attempt an earlier lights out policy during the week. Rock and roll. 
10. Drink more of this…. 
11. Buy a juicer/blender and actually use it.
12. Find a good colourist and stick to it. No more ombre but yet to find the right person to take me back to blonde…. This will be the year I find my go-to. Superficial but important for someone scarred by the perils of bleach.
13. Use this motto as my rule of thumb for shopping. Sabrina from After DRK has been doing something similar with her 5 piece French wardrobe mantra and has been inspiring me to do the same…. 
14. And don’t forget the basics. Simplicity will always win. Jeans, t-shirts and sweaters are always the best if you get them just right. 
15. Learn to make a mean cocktail or three.
16. Wear nicer things to bed.  I pretty much wear tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts to bed. Most of which now have holes in them. Wouldn’t mind upping the ante with proper PJs for once. Erin shows us how its done.
17. Less new, more old. Some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe that I wear over and over are from the likes of eBay, Vestiare Collective, The Outnet and vintage stores. Be it vintage, past season or second-hand, it pays to take time and shop the old as well as the new.
18. Buy, frame and make more art. 
19. Love more. That sounds kind of intense at first glance but it can really mean everything from replying to friend’s texts and e-mails faster, seeing family more, being more self-confident and giving more to the person you’re with. It’s an idea that stems from a really insightful book I’ve just read called Loveability. No New Year is complete without at least one vow to be generally better to yourself and loved ones.


20. And last but not least, remember this, especially when failing at one or all of the above…..
images via Pinterest, After DRK, Delciiously Ella, Columbine, 4th and Bleeker, Studded Hearts