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Winter Watches

Blame the steadily declining weather, but I’m slowly falling into hibernation mode and with that comes more and more time spent inside catching up on movies both old and new. When it really is just too damn cold to do anything much at all, I’m all about bedding down with a good film, be it solo or tempting others to be more proactive than I and come join me on the sofa with the promise of tea/wine/chocolate (in that order) on arrival.

This week has been the first real sign that winter is upon us and with that I’ve been compiling a mental list of favourite movies for sloth-like Sundays and lazy dark nights. Preferably served with rain beating against the window, a fire nearby and a dog on your lap.  

It’s A Wonderful Life | I’m new to this classic but it’s been my boyfriend’s Christmas family tradition for years. Makes you remember to appreciate the here and now rather than dwell on the shoulda-woulda-couldas. Dare you not to cry.

Chocoloat | Another favourite piece of movie comfort food. Johnny Depp, chocolate and an antiquated French town in need of rescuing – ticks all the boxes. 
The Shawshank Redemption | A proper all-time great that will see you through a whole afternoon, all wrapped up with a heart-warming dose of redemption (the title is a bit of a giveaway on that one).

The Lives of Others | One of my all-time favourite films. German film set during the communist occupation of East Berlin that offers a glimpse at what life was like for those being monitored and the agents doing the monitoring.

Love Actually | It’s not Christmas till I’ve watched this at least once. Beats The Holiday hands down.

Goodbye First Love | Beautifully shot, bittersweet French film about first love and second love colliding. 

You Can Count On Me | Heart-warming film about family-ties and sibling-bonds with Mark Ruffalo and Laura Linney.

Stepmom | Incredibly sad subject matter, it’s the cast that really does this one for me; Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts and Ed Harris, aka a dream team. Makes me cry like a baby every time.

Good Will Hunting | If you haven’t already seen this classic, watch it immediately. Matt Damon as an angry genius struggling to accept his potential under the help of mentor and psychologist Robin Williams.

Edward Scissorhands | I remember trying to watch this when I was about 6 before my mum ushered me out of the room. Maybe that’s why its always held some sort of allure. When I did eventually get round to watching it properly, it totally lived up to be the modern-day Fairytale I imagined it would be.

Manhattan |  One of Woody Allen’s neurotic best – and the cinematography is basically a love story to the eponymous city. 

Baby Boom | My all-time favourite Diane Keaton goes from Manhattan career woman to rural Vermont and back again with baby in tow. Nostalgic, feel-good and more than a little camp, this always takes me right back to watching it on video when I was little.

Like Crazy | Incredibly real and moving tale of first love divided on other sides of the Atlantic. I defy anyone not to be able to relate in some way. Oh and the majority of the script is entirely ad lib to boot. 

Adam | An unconventional romance between New York neighbours Adam and Beth. Sweet without being sickening.

The Horse Whisperer | Gets me every time. And enough camp fires and chemistry to metaphorically warm you up. 

So there’s mine – what are your favourite films for dark and miserable winter nights? 
Let me know if you get round to watching any of the above for the first time – would love to hear your thoughts.