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White Walling

I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold – I’ve been known to shiver in 23 degree shade – so I have to admit, my legs have been firmly wrapped under jeans and leather trousers ever since the mercury dropped below 15 and bare skin was no longer an option. 
This weekend however, I made an exception (if only for this epic skirt by ALC) to shoot my first of three looks for I’ve joined forces with the luxury e-tailer to style up some looks around the theme of basics, or those kinds of pieces I’d be lost without season after season. Forget seasonal, frivolous purchases, these are the foundation for everything.
Case in point, a good chunky knit and a black leather skirt, both of which are on constant rotation in my wardrobe and there’s always room for updates on these never-quite-enough essentials. 
I always feel a leather skirt, especially one as sexy as this (the biker details make all the difference), feels a bit less conspicuous when teamed with a jumper that’s so cosy it’s the sartorial equivalent of a hot water bottle. However, even with the thermal topping, this sort of get-up is much better suited to indoor pursuits with a radiator in close proximity if you ask me. Even this skirt couldn’t sex-up goose bumps.

Skirt // ALC at Stylebop
Sweater // Vanessa Bruno Athe at Stylebop
Boots // Zara
Clutch // Sophie Hulme at Stylebop

 Ph. by James Wright
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